Nurture Through Nature offers earth-friendly space to unplug, simplify & deeply connect with the natural world and your own True Nature. Our unique and heart-felt services are offered with passion, experience & skill.

Our offerings are available privately and in small groups in a Covid-aware environment.  Enjoy our beautiful  eco-friendly yoga studio. Also, we offer practice spaces surrounded by nature along our spring-fed mountain brook or tucked in the  forested slopes of Pleasant Mountain.  We are confident you will appreciate the healing spaces we provide our guests.

Private Qi Gong and Mindful Hatha Yoga with Jen Deraspe, founder

Join seasoned instructor, Jen Deraspe through her unique blend of conscious, healing movement through Qi Gong and mindful Hatha Yoga. Meet Yourself on your mat on a journey back home to wonderful You. The purpose behind Jen’s instruction is to experience one’s essence, life force, and vitality. Feel more relaxed, grounded, and alive. The class will be customized to the guest’s intentions and interests. Beginners always welcome.

Jen has been leading retreats, life coaching, and teaching both yoga and qi gong since 1999 and is available for private classes, custom group classes at Nurture Through Nature and in your space. Cost: $75 per session. Invite a friend or create a group and share the cost! Jen is also available to travel to your space for an additional travel cost.

Based on availability. Contact us for more info or to schedule:

The Work of Byron Katie with Jen Deraspe, founder

Burn out leads to breakthrough…

I was living the life of my dreams. I had a lovely partner, work that I adored, and a mountainside home like a sanctuary. From the outside, I looked free and happy. Mentally, I was a prisoner, filled with self-criticism, and I projected that onto those closest to me. Incessant comparisons left me alienated and I didn’t enjoy my work like I once did. There was no lasting sense of peace.

The Work found me when I was at the brink of burnout and deep despondency. Today, when I experience feeling overwhelmed or anxious, The Work gives me my mind back and way back from torment to ease.

I enjoy my own company and the sweetness found in silence. I am living in a deeper presence and comfort in being with whatever life offers—without hesitation. I am thankful for a way out of the pain of separation when I continue to judge myself and others as either below or above me.

The Work has helped me to find love, acceptance, and greater fearlessness during challenging relationship issues. I am more quickly and easily able to see my part in the suffering and angst as well as a clear path back to connection and love.

Clearing my mind from its embedded judgments has opened me to creativity and confidence in the flow of life. I often have no attachment to stories about the future and find myself very open to Life, without trying to control it, change it, or even know anything about it. I find myself being created moment to moment as life unfolds in a way that feels inspired, open, and enlivened.

I enjoy working with people one on one, be it by phone or in person, especially those interested in waking up from the places where their asleepness or nightmare is dampening their spirit and zest for life.

I have tenderness for those that struggle with addiction, be it to their negative thinking patterns, exercise, food, or other substances that lead to persistent seeking for comfort externally.

I have created an integrative, powerful holistic personal training and wellness coaching program that touches upon all components of well-being. Through inquiring into painful stories about others, circumstances, and life, I am guiding clients to see that as their mind clears, the body will follow in healthy choices and their hearts become the true director. Self-care becomes not a feat of will power but a “happening”, with ease, flow, and intelligence. It is truly a privilege to witness this!

Meet me by phone, Skype, or Zoom. I also travel, joining you in your space for a customized residential intensive. Or consider retreating in Maine, at our earth-friendly retreat center for your own deep dive into who and what you really are beyond your story.

I offer private sessions, individualized retreats, weekend workshops, and customized immersions in your location or mine—

Cost: Self-assessed sliding scale: $65-$95+ per hour

Based on availability. Contact us for more info or to schedule:

Certified Facilitator

Guided Meditation Session

We are here to guide you back to your heart through your still and open mind. Experience gentle guidance that will meet you where you are at and help you to find your own way Home. Try seated or walking meditation on our special meditation loop trail through the forest.
Cost: $30 per half hour.

Based on availability. Contact us for more info or to schedule:


Traditional Wood-Fired Sauna

Experience our regionally recognized sauna in the forest, a circular, cedar-lined, wood~fired sauna near our spring-fed mountain brook. Relax, release and restore. Enter our spacious, pristine and inviting sauna, complete with 3 windows overlooking the surrounding forest. Fresh mountain spring water and Eucalyptus oils are ladled over the hot lava rocks, creating circulating, medicinal steam that envelopes the bather and fills the lungs. Our sauna offers an inventive air circulating system so breathing is easy and full. Allow deep detoxification and relaxation to begin. Private appointments cost varies, based on group size. See the sauna page for complete details. Guests staying at NTN receive a discounted rate.

Visit our sauna page to book your session!


Canoe Coaching

There is an indescribable beautiful unfolding that occurs when one feels safe and supported enough to share their life’s challenges with a skilled practitioner enveloped by Nature’s beauty. Imagine yourself  floating on a river that gently flows into a nearby lake, sitting comfortably in the front of a canoe with your guide paddling  in the stern seat behind you, facilitating you towards greater peace and awareness. Allow yourself to rest as you are guided through the pristine landscapes of nearby waterways while your facilitator creates an experience for your healing and joy.


  • Gentle and mindful canoe tour, based on your paddling experience and interest
  • Customized facilitation
  • Canoe, life jacket, and paddle
  • Professional services of a Registered Maine Guide
  • Personalized coaching, based on your intentions; through guided meditation, Forest Therapy, mindfulness exercises, The Work of Byron Katie, nature and silence…

Canoe coaching cost: $180 for 3 hours

Based on availability. Contact us for more info or to schedule:


Paddling River and Lake Eco-Adventure

Experience the sights and sounds of nature on a gently paced paddling excursion with veteran Maine Guide, Jen DeRaspe.  Explore the quiet, gorgeous waterways of western Maine’s Lakes and Mountains region, weaving through the habitat of our local residents including deer, moose, bald eagle, osprey, hawk, river otter, beaver, muskrat, turtles, and nesting waterfowl. Experience a taste of wilderness off the beaten path, offering quiet time in nature for reflection and exploration. Novice and experienced paddlers are welcome.


  • Customized tour, based on your paddling experience and interest
  • Canoe, life jacket, and paddle
  • Professional services of a Registered Maine Guide
  • Picnic lunch (for a full day)

Canoe excursion cost: 1-2 people, approx. 3 hours: $125; Full day: $185 (full day includes lunch). For each additional person, add $35.

Based on availability. Contact us for more info or to schedule:


Please note: For guarantee of availability, services are to be scheduled in advance of arrival. To avoid charges, cancellation of services must be made a full 24 hours prior to scheduled appointment times. There are no refunds for late arrivals or missed appointments within the 24 hour cancellation period.