Mer Deraspe

Working in the financial industry for 30+ years, all the while wishing and dreaming to be self-employed–not a dream I could undertake with the responsibility of caring for three children, mortgage, health insurance, dogs, cats, hamsters, gold fish… self employment was not in the foreseeable future.  Well, children grow and leave the nest and with the loss of my Mom and best friend, self-employment was the next phase for me, finally!  Jen, founder of Nurture Through Nature Eco Retreat Center, took me in, employed me and the dream came to reality.  Freedom.  Working at Nurture Through Nature as a bookkeeper,  reservationist and manager of staff keeps me busy and fulfilled.  Freedom brought me another opportunity to partner up with Jen & Nancy forming Maine Morning Micro Roasters, roasting exquisite, organic, fair trade coffee beans from all around the world!.  My children brought forth 3 gorgeous, lively children that explode my heart!  Life is full, life is good…


Dawn Crowe

Dawn is a full time human currently residing in Lovell, Maine.  When not chopping wood and carrying water at Nurture Through Nature she can be found enjoying an extraordinary, ordinary life with her family.  Hiking Sabattus Mountain, swimming in Kezar Lake, playing games, creating art, music and experiencing the Northeastern United States in all its glory.  She’s known to engage in the activities of karate, yoga, reading and watching an eclectic mix of movie genres.  Is also delighted that of all the many pets living in her house, the cuddliest one is Jupiter the Ball Python.  Not the dog, bunny or cats.  You just never know.  Isn’t life a grand adventure?   Yes, yes it is.


Melanie Dyer

Hello! I am a cabin/yurt cleaner and Sauna keeper here at NTN. I moved here from the North Shore in 2018 after four liberating and life changing years of living out of my van. I am a lover of nature, animals, cooking, hiking, and spending time with my family and friends. I’m an interesting combination of an orderly Type A introvert and an adventurous, bubbly hippy. Some of my favorite things about working here at NTN are; being part of such an amazing, kind, funny, smart and hardworking team. Seeing guests joyful, relaxed and grateful faces after spending time here. Working amongst the trees. The enthusiastic, happy greetings from Rico and Wahi…and the gentle, loving Pearl.

Orianna Bailey

Greetings, lovely people!  A true lover of the great outdoors- I love dabbling in hiking, swimming, skating, climbing, paddling, and frolicking of all sorts. I’m an artist at heart and my soul work is all about healing in motion. I enjoy finding ways to invite flow into every aspect of life- mindful moments doing dishes? Dancing my way through the yard work? I’m all about it! I have fused 11 levels in my spine, making modifications and meeting people where they’re at, a superpower I lovingly embrace. Initially starting as an exercise in personal growth and self-discipline, I plunged into Illumina’s 6-month 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training back in 2019.  I  found my voice as a compassionate teacher, and discovered an absolute love for a shared healing experience. “It takes a village!” & I couldn’t be more thrilled to be a part of the NTN mission. Hope to see you on the mountain!

Pearl girl

Harvest Hill Animal Shelter took me in, saved my life and named me Pearl.  I found my forever home at NTN. I love the sun and the earth, the breeze and all the people that spend soft time with me. In fact, I am a ball of softness and purr instantaneously with just the right affection. I am sometimes a scaredy cat and am working on expanding my comfort zone. The humans love me and I am grateful. Life is good.