Her Story

A proud Mainer, Facilitator, Guide, adventure traveler, and a lover of all things related to nature and animals. My passion and zest for life derive from deepening my connections to self, others, and the elements; while creating opportunities for more people to do the same. After 25+ years of weaving my way in, out, and through the outdoor recreation field, I have the honor and privilege of co-directing, co-creating and cohabitating this blessed place called Nurture Through Nature. This is my story…

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The Inspiration

As far back as I can remember, I knew I wanted to be a teacher. The only problem being, I wasn’t in love with any school subject enough to dedicate my life to spreading its knowledge… that is, until I discovered the world of Outdoor Leadership, Wilderness Guiding and Environmental Education. My first official wilderness job was working for the Rocky Mountain Youth Corps in 1998. I was still in college and had just finished taking a year off to backpack through Europe. I got a job out west just to attain a snowboarding pass and be a “ski bum” and as spring approached, a fellow co-worker said, “This job sounds perfect for you”… and two weeks later, I was hired and driving back across the US for the third time in three months. That summer something was birthed, or rather; awakened inside me at that point in time I knew my soul’s path would entail interaction with people and the outdoors. Note that I didn’t say “career path” because I believe it’s not a career, it’s a way of life. There’s no feeling like the feeling when you tap into your soul’s purpose.


The Learning & Fun(ish) Facts

Since that first job, I have been a wilderness instructor for troubled youth where I spent months on end in the backcountry of West Virginia, ran the Recreation Department for the Ithaca Youth Bureau, taught numerous classes for colleges and universities such as; Cornell, Ithaca College, SUNY Cortland and Suny Binghamton. I got my Masters in Outdoor Leadership and Environmental Educations, became a high/low ropes course facilitator and trainer, Corporate Team-builder, and then worked my way up at Greek Peak Mountain Resort from Ropes Course Manager, to Adventure Center Manager, to eventual Director of Recreation where I was in charge of four different recreation facilities – an Adventure Center, Nordic Center, Indoor Waterpark, Hope Lake Park, and Tubing Center.

FUN (ish) Facts:

  • For many years I ate a pound of carrots a day
  • I visited the Reindeer Herders in northern Mongolia and the last person to visit them from the “outside world” was at least two years prior to my visit.
  • Quite possibly the first person to ship a Mongolian Ger back to the United States.
  • I was once a runner-up to host a  show on Animal Planet called “Miss Adventure” but I lost my spot because I broke my arm in filming.
  • I took a 20 foot, pulverizing my ankle; while building the North American residence for Dalai Lama.
  • I once hiked 4, 14,000ft mountains in one day.
  • During my 20’s I slept outside more days than I did inside.
  • It’s estimated that my first German Shepard hiked over 27,000miles in her 14 years.
  • I’m literally obsessed with the infinite layers of beauty of the natural world
  • I designed an adventure race a few years back and to this date, it is the most fun I have ever had designing something.

The Leap

There comes a time in everyone’s life that we are given an opportunity to reflect on where we are and where our heart’s really desire to be. That opportunity came to me as I was turning 40. I looked around and could see from the outside that I had an amazing job, an amazing community, and a lovely home-life, things were shifting on the inside. Although successful and surrounded by people I adored, I felt unfulfilled and overworked at my job. Although I was surrounded by dear friends, I felt overwhelmed by the social and emotional demands of such a large community. And although it seemed I had a solid relationship, I was actually feeling smaller and smaller by the day. You would think, from the outside, that stars collided and planets shifted in order for me to move back to Maine, but really I just woke up, made a decision; and the universe paved the way…


The Landing

After being away from Maine for too many years, I moved back and took the position of Director of the Wilderness Program for The HYDE School. On 640 acres in Northern Maine, and many trips throughout; I found myself not just feeling like I was finally home, but feeling like I could finally remember who I was. I spent those first few years in what my Trust Coach called “spiritual bootcamp,” spending most my time alone, honing in on my future plans and reestablishing my relationships with my family and with myself. This same Trust Coach knew my ultimate expression of what I wanted to do career-wise involved leading retreats and creating a space where others could heal so she suggested I reach out to talk to Jen DeRaspe, Founder of this place called Nurture Through Nature. From the first time I met her, I found myself telling her my life story… and after 10 minutes of meeting, I knew I had landed. I had landed in the most perfect spot to be in complete alignment with my authentic self; heart, mind and soul.


The offerings


  • Certified Maine Guided canoe and hiking excursions for single day & multi-day hire
  • Forest Therapy Walks and Workshops for individuals, families and groups
  • Corporate Team-building for business and non-profits
  • Reiki to align and cleanse your energy systems
  • Reiki Shaman Sessions to heal past wounds, current illnesses or traumas.
  • Yoga practices for the beginner student

The Bucket List

I think it essential that all people have a bucket list. It’s like telling the universe, “Hey, help me achieve these things.” Here’s mine (and forever changing)

  • Hike the 10 best long-distance trails in the U.S. (4 down, 6 to go)
  • Visit every continent (5 down, 2 to go)
  • Do a TED Talk or host my own podcast ( I was asked to do a TedX, but I chickened out)
  • Finally learn to play the guitar
  • Play soccer at midnight on the summer solstice by the light of the sun.
  • Become a Maine Guide – Check!
  • Climb a Redwood
  • Be semi-nomadic by the time I’m 50