Holon Healing offers Guided Forest Therapy Walks,  Shamanic Reiki sessions, and Wilderness Therapy Excursions for individual self-care, schools, businesses, and retreat groups

Guided Forest Therapy walk~ A Forest Therapy walk is a guided meander through the forest to re-establish a truer sense of overall health and well-being. Through simple sensory invitations of awareness, participants strengthen their connection to the natural environment around them. This connection has been proven to create profound changes for both people’s mental and physical health. Research shows that prolonged moments in forests not only reduce stress, anxiety, depression, and fatigue but also subject us to inhaling Phytoncides which are known to create white blood cells. These white blood cells, know as NK killers, find and destroy cancer cells, as well as regulate autoimmune diseases. A gentle and kind opportunity to experience the magic and messages of nature.

Shamanic Reiki Session~ Reiki is a type of body healing that works with light energy and the chakra system. Megan-Mack offers reiki sessions that open and clear your chakras and assist in an overall better feeling of well-being. Reiki sessions last about 50 minutes. A Shamanic Reiki session goes beyond the normal reiki session and adds ancient shamanic practices for the healing of traumatic imprints we have been holding in our body, generally located at a certain chakra point. Shamanic Reiki sessions last anywhere from an hour and a half to two hours.

Wilderness Therapy Excursions~ HH delivers custom built wilderness experiences. With over 25+ years in the field as a guide and facilitator, Megan-Mack has taken groups and individuals on day and multi-days trips in the back country. Perfect for any group, at any age. Inquire about a guided excursion by emailing HolonHealingME@gmail.com

I am a certified Maine Guide, Corporate Facilitator, and Forest Therapy Guide. My passion is helping others create a deeper connection with each other, nature, and themselves through experiences in the outdoors. I have been working in this field for over 20 years and I am consistently inspired to recreate and answer the call to the healing that is needed between humans and the natural world.

The term “Holon” is a scientific word that means; a whole within a whole and Holon Healing is based on the belief that as we heal ourselves we help heal the world.

Holon Healing @ Nurture Through Nature is beyond excited to design your next privately booked Forest Therapy Walk, Canoe Coaching Session, or Corporate Team-building program.

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*Canoe Coaching, Forest Therapy Walks, and Team-building programs are all activities that are done with safe social distancing.

Blessings, Megan-Mack

Holon Healing

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