Nurture Through Nature Retreat Center offers classes and workshops through its  Healing Arts IMG_0013Cooperative; sharing expansive and diverse offerings in beautiful Western Maine and the Mount Washington Valley area, through cooperation, community~building, and mutual support, with healing at its root and core. We invite passionate practitioners to share their expertise with our growing community. We also invite our guests to experience our enriching services in our earth~friendly, solar powered yoga studio space, whether you live in the area or are on retreat with us. It is important to us that all people have access to the healing arts, regardless of income, therefore, most of our classes and workshop are by donation.


Yoga at Nurture Through Nature

You don't have to be flexible or fit to do yoga. Just bring an open and willing mind. The yoga will do the rest. Experience a variety of yoga teachers and styles, by donation, in our earth~friendly studio space at Nurture Through Nature Retreat Center in Denmark, Maine.

Yoga with Jen Deraspe, founder
Join Jen Deraspe on a quest to the Self through her unique blend of  Qi Gong infused~Hatha yoga, mindfulness, free movementjen_bk2, conscious breathing and inspiring music. Meet Yourself on your mat on a journey back home to wonderful you, all in good company. The intention behind Jen’s class  is for each to experience their own essence, chi, prana, life force and vitality. Walk away feeling more relaxed, grounded, and alive. All levels are welcome. Jen has been teaching Hatha yoga since 1999 and appreciates the affect of awareness, breath and conscious movement on both the body and soul. Jen is available for private classes, custom group classes at Nurture Through Nature or in your space as well as regular community class offerings at her studio. You may be interested in creating your own yoga and meditation retreat with Jen’s guidance or join one of her special retreats.



What we provide, what to bring and how to prepare for our classes

  • We provide blankets, floor seating, blocks, bolsters and yoga mats to borrow.
  • Dress in comfortable layers. The space is heated by wood stove and the temperature varies.
  • Bring your own yoga mat if you have one.
  • We have a nearby composting toilet aka “The Common Throne” .
  • I have lived with chronic heart disease since a heart attack in 1997, culminating with a heart transplant in 2006. Yoga has saved my life in all ways and helped me to thrive. The Nurture Through Nature studio encourages people to practice yoga at whatever level the practitioner enjoys and feels capable of on that particular day, making it possible for me to continue my practice even when I have been very ill. Anyone can do this, guided by these fine teachers. Daily yoga practice is now a habit I simply cannot break!–Deborah Daw Heffernan, author of An Arrow Though the Heart and Oprah guest

  • Thank you Jen for all the thought and energy you put into your yoga classes. You have a way of taking my mind to a place that doesn't exist as much as it should in my daily life. I enjoy your yoga classes for the physical workout and mental break we all need from out busy lives. I love that every class you give is different and full of positive energy. I'm hoping that I'm able to continue yoga with you for many more years. Thank you Jen–Jean Weeman Simoneau

  • I look forward to yoga class with Jen Deraspe because she creates an atmosphere that transports me. Through widely varied movement, voice, music, silence, cadence and even occasinal inspirational words, she engages the body while freeing the mind. Jen inspires her students to feel confident at whatever level they are. Jen has developed into a confident guide in moving meditation. –Pat C

  • I am grateful for the awareness yoga continues to impart. The yoga studio at Nurture through Nature is so peaceful and quiet with only the bird songs a distraction...–~DLD

  • I have been practicing yoga for 7 years and it has had a great effect on my life.  Although I live a reasonably active life yoga has helped me feel strong, flexible and confident of my physical abilities.  I feel enabled.  The benefit I also get from yoga, which was unexpected, a total surprise and as much, if not more welcome than the physical benefits, is I have learned that yoga is as much about as what is between my ears as my physical health.  Yoga has helped calm me and focus my thoughts.  I am more able to think through complicated circumstances, both personal and professional.  I am more aware and in control of my emotions and reactions and better able to navigate through the day.  This last part I completely attribute to the environment created by Jen Deraspe, the founder of Nuture Through Nature Retreat Center.  Jen, and all the people associated with her, have been warm, welcoming, kind, nonjudgmental, encouraging, supportive and have shared a generosity of spirit I have rarely encountered.  I deeply recommend for anyone to explore the benefits yoga can give them and more specifically find  your way to the amazing retreat in the woods created by a visionary woman. –~E.G. Roth

  • The yoga classes at Nurture through Nature are the weekly gift I give myself. Yoga for me is the perfect combination of strength, balance, flexibility and mindfulness training. I have practiced yoga for several years and the classes have always been held in large meeting rooms or aerobics areas. I had no idea how soothing it is to do yoga in a serene location with out distractions. The NTN practice space needs to be experienced; it is warm, inviting and calming, very much like the instructors. Every class I have attended has added a new insight into my yoga. There is no substitute for quality personal instruction. It is the perfect addition to my home training. It is so important to do the poses correctly to avoid injury and maximize its benefit. Each of the NTN instructors gently help and correct me so that I can deepen my yoga. I look forward to each class.–~LL


Healing Arts and Maine Guide Services During Your Stay

For a guarantee of availability, all services, such as massage therapy or private sauna appointments, are to be scheduled in advance of arrival.  Please note,  to avoid charges, cancellation of services must be made a full 24 hours prior to scheduled appointments. There are no refunds for late arrivals or missed appointments within the 24 hour cancellation period.

1¼ Hour Private Yoga Session

IMG_0022_2Private instruction by a certified yoga instructor in Nurture Through Nature’s earth~friendly yoga studio.
The class will be fully adapted to your desire. Choosing a more meditative class, active flow class, posture clinic, or to simply highlight a specific area to heal and open. Enjoy this opportunity in a safe, beautiful space to enhance your current practice or learn a new practice to take with you. $75 per session.

Guided Meditation Session

templebellWe are here to guide you back to your heart through your still and open mind. Experience a gentle style that will meet you where you are at and help you to find your own way home. Try seated or walking meditation. This service is by donation, based on Jen’s availability.

Traditional Finnish Wood-Fired Sauna

Experience our regionally recognized sauna in the forest, a circular, cedar-lined, wood~fired sauna near our spring fed mountain brook. Relax, release and detoxify. Redefine your past sauna experiences and enter our spacious, clean and inviting sauna, complete with 3 windows overlooking the surrounding forest. Once the sauna room reaches between 160- 200ºF, you are invited to settle into the soothing heat in the clean, natural environment offered here. Fresh mountain spring water and essential oils are then ladled over the hot lava rocks, creating a circulating, medicinal steam that envelopes the bather and fills the lungs. Our sauna offers an inventive air circulating system so breathing is easy and full. Allow the deep detoxification and relaxation to begin. Throughout the sweat, fully experience the sauna bath in the customary way by pouring pure water over your body, rinsing off toxins,  and gently cooling down. Private appointments cost varies, based on group size. See the sauna page for complete details.

Swedish Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy may be as effective for promoting good health and for preventing illness as it may be forIMG_0017 relieving symptoms of stress, injury, and illness. The term “Swedish Massage” refers to a variety of techniques specifically designed to relax muscles by applying pressure to them against deeper muscles and bones, and rubbing in the same direction as the flow of blood returning to the heart.
Cost: $90 per hour

Spiritual Reading with Benita

Benita’s 30+ year history working as a psychotherapist and art therapist has reflected her knowing that her Soul’s purpose is to foster growth and the evolution of human consciousness. Whether you make a drawing or just sit for a reading, Benita picks up your energy, your relationships and your physical and emotional issues with which you’re dealing and offers practical guidance and healing energy as provided by Source. People state that the information received is “right on” and that they experience deep resonance, clarity and a sense of direction in which to proceed. If you are moved to  have a reading with Benita, trust the convergence of Source and Self.  No artistic ability or experience is required for an Art Reading, and Benita’s readings do not constitute or take the place of psychotherapy. Cost: $120 per hour

Snow Shoeing Excursion

If you can walk, you can snowshoe! Experience an invigorating, peaceful, guided excursion in the lakes IMG_0021region and Saco River valley, geared to meet your physical fitness and experience level. Explore a hiking trail or walk through unmarked, snow covered woods, fields and along waterways. Help calm the mind and open eyes to all the beauty winter holds in this magical landscape. You may be able to see the tracks left behind by all the critters scurrying around the woods, often missed during the rest of the year when their travels are not so apparent. Once you settle into a comfortable pace, your own pace, cold noses and toes soon fade. Explore off the beaten path or even a moonlit hike. In a guided snow shoe adventure, we will discuss appropriate winter clothing options and layering systems, simple techniques to snowshoeing, and how to safely explore the woods of Maine. Bring your own hearty snacks, water, and hiking poles if you have them.
Cost: $95includes snow shoes, hot tea and a snack. If you prefer a self-guided snow shoe tour, snow shoe rentals are available for $10 per day per person.

Guided Canoe Excursion Half Day or Full Day

canoeguideExperience the sights and sounds of nature on a gently paced paddling tour with veteran Maine Guide, Jen Deraspe, founder of Nurture Through Nature or her lovely niece, Christa Deraspe, naturalist, birder, park ranger, and guide. Explore the quiet waterways of western Maine weaving through the habitat of our local residents including deer, moose, bald eagle, osprey, hawk, river otter, beaver, muskrat, turtles, and nesting waterfowl. Come experience a taste of wilderness off the beaten path, offering quiet time in nature for reflection and exploration. Novice and experienced paddlers are welcome.


  • Customized tour, based on your paddling experience and interest
  • Canoe, life jacket and paddle
  • Basic paddling stroke lesson & safety instruction
  • Professional services of a Registered Maine Guide

Cost: 1-2 people, 3 hours: $125; Full day: $185 (full day includes lunch)
Add $25 per person more than 2. Children under 12 are free.

Guided Day Hike

mossyTraverse forest trails, ridge lines and mountain tops through rugged Western Maine or the White Mountain National Forest with a Registered Maine Guide. Restore and recharge on a granite mountain top offering stunning views, enveloped with the natural world. The guided hike will be customized to your current experience and fitness level. Learn about Maine’s native trees, birds, wildflowers, and critters. Bring your own hearty snacks/lunch/water.

Cost: 1-3 people, $95 Add $15 per additional person, transportation not included. Bring your own lunch and snacks.