Spacious surprises

We found our way north up the coast in North Carolina. Molly has never been to the ocean before that I know of. But you never know with a cat like Molls. She gets around.

We were seeking big space, sky, light, relief, a break from the lessons found in the preserved Kingsley Plantation where we spent the morning in north central Florida. I was pleased the federal government had created a national park out of the museum, acknowledging the impact and factual, legal history around slavery.

I feel like I have been to the dark side of the moon and back again, both in my old wounds that arise in extended solitude and also in the wounds that have occurred to so many at the hand of economics, fear and greed.

I saw Native people here and Native people taken from their native land and forced here. I felt the residue of unfinished business, appeals for mercy ignored and the places where justice and truth saved some. I wept for all of it and all of us. Cathartic on the other side of the sorrow.

Can’t put into words how good yoga on the beach felt. It was important to come back to the present, and to experience how everything is perfectly unfolding and everything happens as it does. What happens, happens. Making peace with what happened. Learning from it.
Stepping from there with understanding of all perspectives.


Once that beach experience felt complete, we packed her up and headed to a
friend’s place in Greenville, NC. IMG_0001
Note: The Bullet saved my ass. Good I brought it! Starting day with something green and alive works and held me on the road.


Dale and I had great conversations about bondage and freedom, attitudes,
the old mind and the evolving consciousness. AND we got to go sailing!
IMG_0029 IMG_0004

A highlight of my journey was meeting Lee at my first official Underground Railroad siting!
Lee is a power house and a love. She is changing minds and hearts in Washington, North Carolina
and well beyond.

Click here to experience Lee’s passion and insights



Seeing my first cotton field brings me to commodities that are taken for granted and how the tendency is go after the bargain, not knowing the true cost of the items we purchase, who grew them, harvested and processed them and made items for us to be comfortable in.


As my pal and I head back home we are left with these potent thoughts relating to freedom written by Michael Singer from his book, Untethered Soul:

“The Infinite and Eternal are just outside my cage. There are two ways you can live: you can devote your life to staying in your comfort zone, or you can work on your freedom. You can devote your whole life to the process of making sure everything fits within your limited model (false part of me that I built in order to control my own definition of reality to avoid pain),
you can devote your whole life to freeing yourself from the limits of your model. 

My comfort zone is familiar to me; beyond it is the unknown.

Notice any resistance~that is my cage. My cage is made up of the psychological limits of fear; the cage of insecurity, jealousy, self~consciousness, fear of being alone, left, hurt, afraid to be honest…
these are finite, temporal.”

The Infinite and the Eternal are just outside my cage.”


I am on the cusp of re~entering life on the mountain. The insights and musings will continue to reveal themselves as I create space to allow that in.  I feel quite different so my world will match change. I have come to see that I am already free~~~Free to do as I please, come and go as inspired and I already have a life that I love and cherish. There is nothing I need to do for freedom except to continue to notice resistance and how I cage myself in the name of fear. Knowing, remembering this will certainly infuse my choices this coming season.

As I continue to free myself, may I be of service to those still in bondage, be it in body, mind or spirit.

“Sojourner Truth grew to understand that her personal quest for freedom was meaningful only as a moment in a larger struggle against the burden of injustice. Her testament shows how one resilient spirit can serve as a lever that helps to lift a whole world of oppression.”  William Kaufman

Thank you for joining me on this amazing Sojourn into Truth. I look forward to sharing more as inspired.
A toast to love, to truth, to the light that exists always and everywhere in all things and beings.




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