Sometimes I Forget…

It was mid-morning, mid-week. I was feeling antsy. The voice said,  “take the bike to the ocean.”  Sometimes I listen to the inner tug. Sometimes other thoughts drown it out. This time, I knew to listen.

The antsy, at first glance, was from feeling like this precious sabbatical is winding down…weaning out of the time-out from having to do anything in particular.

I had just gotten off the machine (aka laptop) and felt rather satisfied with some tasks accomplished. I sat on the bed savoring completion. That feeling lasted 78 seconds. Then the old familiar came in…”there is more to do…always more to do…you’ll never get it all done…you are no where near what you could complete”…on and on…heavyheavyheavy. Angst mixed in with the antsy.

Then a pearl from the teachings of Abraham came in….RIGHT JEN, you never will get it done, there is always more to do and there always will be because you are a creation machine living out the expansion of this universe. I won’t even be done creating when I am pushing up daisies. There is even flowers from my passing.  It never ends. I love creating, designing, bringing to fruition, testing, trying, adventuring, confirmations, cancellations,  turning about face, whatever, wherever, show me what is next inspiration. How could that ever be done??

Oh….I forgot.

Remembering the voice, something greater than me moved me to the bike….off I went under the robin’s egg blue sky to the Pacific, as a creature new to this wilderness, familiar more with freshwater, eastern, inland woods.

I looked up…It looked up… and there it was…hawk circling. It was so incredibly distinct in how it was totally supported in its movement, it’s traveling, effortlessly gliding through the airwaves. It was very apparent it was in sync with the flow, the drafts, catching the wave. Every so often it fluttered, as if to hover over one moment to take a better look, to shift and observe. And then it adjusted back into the current, the way of it.

Standing beneath the symbol of long vision and messages, humbled, I remembered that there is a flow and a way and a timing. There is never anything that I have to do, only that which I want to do. There is an ease that exists in support of creation and expansion, in alignment with the orchestra that exists perpetually. I feel at my highest when I am congruent with that orchestra that I am in the flow with.



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