Vision Quest Maine

A powerful, life-altering experience like no other~
as facilitated by Marianna Bock

Hosted by Nurture Through Nature Retreat Center


For over ten years from 2002 through 2014, I held at least one weeklong Nature Healing Quests each year, facilitating a Life shifting experience of coming into intimate alignment with the Living Earth and the Family of Life.

I have been invited to facilitate a Nature Healing Quest once again at the wonderful Nurture Through Nature Center in Denmark, Maine in August, 2020.  I am thrilled to be once again engaging with the more-than-human world and Gaia, the Earth Mother offering this rare opportunity.

The fee of $990 includes: 7 days camping on this amazing land in Denmark Maine; eight meals; Sauna Ceremony; 4 days of solo vision quest; Pre-quest teaching, and sharing circles; and pre and post quest one-on-one sessions with Marianna, to help participants prepare before the experience, to anchor the experience and to integrate the insights gained into your life afterward. Your non-refundable $200 deposit will hold your spot.

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