Retreats & Workshops at Nurture Through Nature~
Covid-safe, earth-friendly sanctuary for individuals, couples, families and small groups

Dec 19, 2020

Winter Solstice Celebration~
This is a very special offering to celebrate the coming of the light of a new season. Enjoy guided meditation, Forest Therapy, Qi Gong and a ceremonial drumming circle around our co-created sacred fire. Small group, outdoors, physically distanced space. Read More


Dec 31, 2020

New Year’s Eve Intentional Day Retreat
Make a fresh start to a New Year!
Begin your New Year aligned and refreshed through a sacred fire circle, intention setting, Forest Therapy, guided movement and drumming around the fire. Small group, outdoors, physically distanced space.
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2021 Retreats and Workshops

Jan 30, Feb 27, March 28 and/or April 25

Winter into Spring Full Moon Series
New offering! The 1st of our seasonal full moon offerings~ Come gather safely near the full moon, warmed by good company, outdoor explorations and an intentional fire circle. Small group, outdoors, physically distanced space. Read More »

July 14-15

Women’s Carpentry Workshop
Get empowered, learn new skills, overcome limitations, have fun! A truly unique and magical unfolding all while learning how to build a structure! Read More »

July 30-Aug 5

Vision Quest on Pleasant Mountain
A journey into Yourself like no other. Immerse in Nature and solitude on a supported quest back to your True Nature. Covid-safe, small group in the outdoors for 6 days and nights. Read More »

August 16-23

Women’s Full Moon Holistic Canoe Retreat Expedition with Jen Deraspe and Megan-Mack Nicholson
Experience a transformative week in the North Maine Woods living at one with the natural world, traveling deliberately on a gentle journey by canoe while practicing meditation, Qi Gong, Forest Therapy and wilderness living skills. Read More »

Sept 11-12

Women’s Carpentry Workshop
Get empowered, learn new skills, overcome limitations, have fun! A truly unique and magical unfolding all while learning how to build a structure! Read More »

Sept 24-26

Return to the Elements Autumn Equinox Retreat with Tania Zuckerman Come together in community and journey with the power of breath, nature and ceremony, to release and begin again at this time of the Autumn Equinox. Read More »

Sept 30-Oct 4

women canoe retreatWomen’s Fall Foliage Canoe Retreat with Jen Deraspe & Megan-Mack Nicholson A Five Day Immersion reconnecting with your True Self within Nature’s elements. Read More »

Oct 22-24

Fall Foliage Mindfulness, Meditation, Forest Therapy and Qi Gong Retreat with Jen Deraspe and Megan-Mack Nicholson
Harvest Your Soul
Enjoy an immersion into nature and the healing arts. Read More »

What people are saying about Retreats led by Jen Deraspe

  • Jen Deraspe is a super teacher. Her knowledge in Qi Gong and Yoga was especially timely for me in recovering from gall bladder surgery and how to better take care of our organ systems. Her practice is one of mind, body and spirit as well as information about the Chakra system; a great combination of her talents and knowledge. Loved it! –Katie Dunn, Denmark, Maine

  • I came home to myself while meeting new friends and incredible women. I appreciate Jen's assessment of the group's abilities and differences, yet catering to each individual. The Qi Gong and meditations really worked for me. –Paula Morgan-Johnson, Boston, MA

  • I am enjoying the mix of Qi Gong and Yoga during mat time. I appreciate the combination in each session. The explanation of benefits or our movements is very informative and helpful. I am grateful for the attention Jen puts into creating each class~ the visuals, the music, her words and knowledge, her humor and personal touch--keeps me coming back! –Jo Weiss, Monmouth, Maine

  • Fantastic retreat, lovely setting, friendly people. I loved the movement, breathing and meditation. Thank you! –Anonymous, Maine

  • As always, it was a beautiful time spent in nature and for self reflection. What worked is the continual reminder to just BE, to come back home to the present, without judgement. Thank you, Jen, for being a great example for me. –Sandy W, Buxton, Maine

  • Nurture through Nature is a true hidden gem in Denmark, Maine. I had a life transforming experience while there for a retreat. I highly, without hesitation, recommend going. I am already looking forward to my next visit and I just returned from there! Amazing experience! Thank you to Jen and Mer!–Anonymous, Portland, Maine

  • Everything on the retreat was great! Beautiful spaces, meaningful programming, the guided meditation walks, Byron Katie discussions, the yoga, the sauna, the mountain brook, the music, the harmonium, the food~all opportunities were well paced and worked well together. I will recommend to others and hope to return. –Rachel Poissant, Biddeford, Maine

  • Great time on Pleasant Mountain in Denmark, Maine! These ladies (14 year old girl scouts) hiked, snowshoed, tracked, sled, night walked, sauna, and experienced yurt living. Our devoted coach Jen showed and explained Mother Nature and all the wonderful things she offers us. Amazing journey these ladies had. Lots of laughs, smiles and open minds. –Renee Dugas, Girl Scout Troop Leader, Gorham, Maine

  • This retreat exceeded my expectations. The pace was great, I loved trying knew things, loved my time in the sauna and in the yurt. The food was excellent, the circle time was relaxing and the yoga enjoyable. –Deanne Garland, Scarborough, Maine

  • The retreat was energizing, relaxation and thought-provoking. The yoga was beautiful. I learned about myself and have skills to take good care of myself. Thank you for being part of my amazing journey to loving myself.–Lisa, Scarborough, Maine

  • I have enjoyed this chance to breathe and let go! Great food, yoga, nature time and small sharing sessions.–Rasmus, Denmark (the real one!)

  • Amazing experience at the fall retreat!! Thank you Jen for everything!!–Bridgid Murnane, Portland, Maine

  • The meals were phenomenal. What worked for me on my retreat was the food, the schedule/timing, the sauna, a variety of yoga and the bunk accommodations. –Nicole, Gorham, Maine

  • The space is amazing. It feels so clean, spacious, luxurious, natural and right. Excellent food and supportive teachings.

  • Everything worked for me! The structure of the day with retreat activities, free time, meal times, gave a continuous flow of good energy through the day. So what do I mean by good energy: Continuity, Peacefulness & Mindfulness, the mindfulness,being captured by the Noble Silence. I truly felt "refreshed" in every way, through the physical aspect; meditations, sharing, and the beautiful environment, and the meals!! Much Love & Gratitude to you as your special spirit has enriched us all! –Kathleen Stevens, Maine

  • I am still feeling great peace and ease lingering from the retreat weekend. The schedule was a good balance of free time and group time. Yurt was comfy and just right. LOVE noble silence time. Quiet alone time was respected and I felt no pressure to make small talk if I did not want to. Amazing food! Thank you so much again for creating this space for retreat, reflection, nature, good health. I'm already thinking of who I know that might need some time there!–Emily Burns, New Hampshire

  • Everything worked for me. The location, the amenities, the people, your message & vibe, the yoga & meditating, the amount of time we spent together, the amount of alone time I had. I gained a true knowledge of the value and importance of being quiet. I knew this but to experience it was amazing. Noble Silence was a gift! And having you walk us through breathing was huge. I think I didn't know how to breathe properly my whole life. Thanks so much Jen. I think your're especially wonderful!! –Karen Wilson, Maine

  • Dear Jen, I am very excited. I feel Re-energized and Re-Newed from our weekend together. The space is amazing. Thank you. You are very good at what you do…Genuine, Authentic, Passionate, Intelligent, Well Spoken, Beautiful…. –Anne Poirier, New Hampshire

  • It's back! My heart, mind and spirit are so much lighter since joining your retreat. It has been great for my soul. I knew I needed it and I am so glad I did it. I have really found myself again. Thank you Jen! –Robin Matthews, Connecticut

  • I loved how with each minute, I settled in to living ‘off the grid’. Loved being in nature, building a fire in our cabin, being fed delicious and healthy food by Mer who is so funny, irreverent, talented and ohh so kind, yoga, walks, time together with the group, the early hike in noble silence, and of course, your calm and healing leadership. –Wendy Price,Massachusetts

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