RE~cycle this

IMG_0008What goes around comes around. Molly has been around.

And I cannot explain why it is so imperative for me to recycle everything possible, including my poo, and yours, if you opt to contribute while visiting here. Something about the circle of life being honored, making shit, I mean, everything,  count.

It was about as nice of a day as could be so I went out cross country skiing. I was wiggling my way around trees and bogs and frozen streams and suddenly I saw a very big shadow on the snowy pond. I even crouched a bit~~~ the shadow was so big, like WHOA. Eagle. He circled over me, very low. Goose bumps. Hi, my friend. Thank you for lifting my spirits.

He visited many more times and I felt moved and grateful.

Once I got back to my cabin I was in no way finished with being outside. I decided to give myself the best lunch I could gather. Molly joined me. IMG_0001



Do you ever think about where all that good food goes? Apparently, this has been my cross to bear. Here on the mountain, we now have 3 composting toilets and the latest one is for yours truly. I do feel special and as if I have arrived at some sort of composting heaven in that I have my own private recycling station filled with love and sentiment.





Tell me she is not the cutest.





This window was gifted by friend Bob Dunning, RIP. It has found its new home in the Queen’s Throne and reminds me of the generosity and kindness that is found in the human spirit through Bob. It was a heartIMG_0012~warming project to paint and install the window as a reminder to keep seeing beauty. IMG_0004


IMG_0021The roofing Bob had given. The darker colored 2×4’s were from the first yurt shipping materials. The strapping across the roof is part of the salvaged material from  first deck on the lodge. The siding was gifted by Mr Twister, Ed Cooke. Thank you!


IMG_0015My parent’s (RIP) cellar door is the gateway to the throne. They would be proud. 🙂





Repurposed single pane windows found their home here.


IMG_0016Bob hand planed the top board for the first privy on the land. That privy has since been replaced with luxury composting toilets crafted after poo tribe member, Rosie, of the Common Ground Fair, shared her design with me.

I saved the  privy seat for later ( you just never know when that could come in handy), which is now. The seat cover is made from a big piece of lumber Eve Abreu used for her wood working workshop she offered here about 10 years ago. The mahogany handle came from the prison designated for kindling that I just couldn’t burn.




I love the view and the reading material is high vibrating.




We have a two seater system.. How we compost the poo here is by closing one of the two toilIMG_0003_12ets for a couple years once it has reached capacity. At that point, it is has sufficiently composted to be unrecognizable from its original digestive miracle. The photo here shows leaves and carbon matter that is great growing material for flowers, plants and trees.

Here you see the lovely Bernadette recycling further our human~ness to grow house plants, which I might add truly love love love their “humanure”.

IMG_0016 IMG_0010 IMG_0007 IMG_0002

Dear Bernadette was organically channeling a joyful composting chant that she sang aloud honoring all the guests that shared and bared witness with their hearts and their contributions to the full circle of life. This specimen of the human spirit sifting through the specimens of our humanness warms this heart on this January evening in Maine.



Special thank you to Jeremy Twombly-Wiser and Bill for their craftsmanship and good spirit in the creating of this and all the other recycling centers at this retreat and the patience shown towards this re~user of all things good.


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