Practicing freedom

I am grateful for this opportunity to be moved by inspiration, for being more spacious about my movements and for the opportunity to listen and be led as a practice. I am addicted to planning and the thoughts about the future. With all my available will and marrow, I am jumping off the planning treadmill and being in the day, only~ the~ day~ I am in. Believe me you, that is plenty!

I join old, good friends that feel like family on their morning commute into DC.  I get dropped off near the Potomac River at the Watergate Hotel where Todd directs Sage Publications.

As I find my way to the river, I whisper “Keep the river to your right,” (says the old Maine Guide in me). Just keep the river to your right and you will eventually find your way.”

I have followed mountains and rivers down the countryside. The Chesapeake Bay collects water all the way from NY to PA, Delaware, Maryland, the Virginias and DC. Who knew.

I am being led to the The National Mall for the first time with new eyes and have the day to see where I am moved to explore. I wander (wonder) in the morning light following the pull of it and find myself at the Vietnam memorial.


IMG_0374This gentlemen tells me freedom is understanding what happens in Life, accepting it, learning from it. Freedom is being grateful for being alive. He had a clarity and warmth in his eyes that reached deeply into mine. He reminds me that whatever happens in my path,

it builds character and heart if I so choose.





It was recommended I visit the Holocaust Museum. At some point, over two hours in, I asked for assistance to be led to the exit. I could not bare another visual and palpable atrocity. Utterly amazing what we humans are capable of. Is it all fear that drives the insanity? Like the Course in Miracles teaches, if it ain’t fear, its love. I think if it ain’t love, it hurts. There has been a lot of hurt. Time for love. Scale and scope immeasurable to the continued afflictions we cast upon lives, human or animal. Freedom to be kind, freedom to be grateful for the freedom I get to have. The only way I am a prisoner is in my own mind. I truly get the privilege to pursue life, liberty and happiness. Not all do. And I am not free, truly free, until everyone is. I do think it exponentially powerful the more we all wake up and walk in our light. That’s a practice, too.

MLK’s image and wisdom provided me some light and heart to remember just that.

Remember that.

IMG_0392 IMG_0394 IMG_0398 IMG_0399 IMG_0400


And so it is, another day in the life. I am traveling further south through Virginia today. Lets see what is revealed.



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