Polarity or Unity?


I am getting a humbling education. As I study the underground railroad and the happenings in our rather recent history, I witness how fear and greed can bring the human to some pretty far out dehumanizing choices.

The events I learn about are disturbing. And without turning away from suffering, I am committed to learning without shutting down.  Keeping my mind open. Seeing the mirror. Noticing reactions I am having.  Staying present to what is real and what is good in all of it, in this life.




Wild horses in north central Florida offer their modeling: “be present, trusting, supportive.”



Wild alligators let me get pretty close, grinning at the likes of me. May I know true power and Presence. May I be able to bask and be transparent in all my colors. May I know when to act, when to rest, wait, observe, like these amazing beings.

IMG_0489Trees with roots as wide as their limbs, reaching down, out, up.


IMG_0463May Grace Be.


May I notice where I still control or seek control. May I notice where I whip myself or another with judgement, impatience, comparison, fear. May I be free from greed and materialism. From a place of loving kindness, may I  step out into the world and follow inspired action in the name of unity.

IMG_0513 IMG_0499IMG_0511 IMG_0504  IMG_0500IMG_0514


       May we all stay on the freedom trail back to sanity and what we are beyond all confusion.



                And may we be intelligent enough to stay warm and keep warm in the face of
whatever Life deals us.

Heading towards my homeland today, open on the journey.



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