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Mind~Body~Spirit Fitness and Wellness through
Holistic Life Coaching services
with Jen Deraspe, MS, Sports Medicine/Athletic Training, Certified Facilitator; The Work of Byron Katie
Meditation Instructor
Certified Yoga and Holden Qi Gong Instructor

Jen DeraspeI have studied and worked in the health, wellness and personal development industry since 1983. From instructing university classes, to leading community workshops and retreats as well as one on one personal development coaching, I truly appreciate the human being’s will to expand and heal. I am here to guide your journey back to your True Nature, back Home to your best Self.

holistic wellness There are many aspects to healing and the diversity of my training and experience touches many aspects. As a life~long student, participant, instructor, and healing arts practitioner, I have noticed a consistent pattern;  health and healing happen in a holistic manner. The whole person needs attention and care for lasting change, health and peace to sustain.

There are seven components  to holistic wellness. To feel in harmony and empowered, attention and care ought to be given to each health aspect.

What is available to you by committing to Holistic Life Coaching with me:

  • Guidance & reflection tapping you into your own inherent wisdom & clarity
  • Greater life energy and revitalization
  • Empowerment through intelligent and informed lifestyle choices
  • A greater sense of groundedness, connection and creativity

What people say about Jen’s Holistic Life Coaching services:

  • Thank you so much of your coaching, support and insight. This has come at the perfect point in my life, when it was most needed... –Coral, phone client, Maine

  • I am so very grateful for you and The Work. With your guidance I have found freedom, peace and quiet which has been living deep inside my body and mind forever. –Debbie D, North Shore, MA

  • The experience was opening, wonderful, helpful. I feel hopeful about my life with a new set of tools. –Susannah B, Massachusetts

  • You rock! I am very grateful for your time and wisdom! –Amy G, Maine

  • What  worked for me about my holistic coaching immersion is experiencing a renewed love of myself and an eagerness to live my life to the fullest!! I leave with a full belly of love and kindness towards myself. Jen Deraspe is thoughtful, skilled and compassionate. Thank you for being here! –Annie Blanchard, residential coaching client, Maine

  • I came with anxiety. I'm leaving full of awareness, clarity and peace. I really "retreated" from my distractions and instead became more mindful of the now. Thank you for all your warmth, kindness and help. –Val R, retreat participant, Maine

  • I am so grateful for the Universe's introduction to you and the work. It came when I needed it most and no doubt will continue to help for years to come. –C.R., phone client, Maine

  • I met my mom for the first time 31 years after her death and she is an AMAZING lady and mother. Thank you, Jen Deraspe, for being my companion on a most amazing and tender journey. –Sara K., 3 day residential immersion coaching client, Santa Cruz, CA

  • Jen, I'm very grateful for my individual immersion with you.  Truly, you taught me what an in-depth process The Work can be, and brought me to this place of seeing that it can literally change my life.  You were so skilled, compassionate, and focused. I felt loved and cared for, accepted and challenged.  I learned a lot about myself, my thinking, and about how my world can change from questioning my thoughts.  I am also very grateful for your generous follow up, and for your ongoing guidance since my immersion.  Thank you, Jen! –Matt, PA 

  • Jen is incredible. She facilitated and participated smoothly and provided an incredibly nurturing environment. –Kimberly, retreat and tele-class participant, Maine

  • What worked for me about this retreat was Jen’s devotion and engagement. –Maria, Norway

  • Thank you for your wisdom that pours forth from your experience- –Sarah, workshop participant Maine

  • Thank you for making my stay here so wonderful, for making me feel so welcomed, for being so sweet, for your patience during my struggle and tears, for this absolutely lovely and beautiful space, for providing a safe haven during this reflection time, for teaching me how to nurture myself and showing me a way in which I really want to live through the simple and beautiful and wholesome and real way of life here. I will forever hold this place, space, experience and your company and generosity in my heart. –Stace Four Day Residential Coaching Immersion  client, Ohio

Feedback from Maine Medical Center’s Oncology unit after Jen’s 1 hour Qi Gong class in their workplace.

My integrative holistic life coaching program utilizes the following tools and opportunities customized especially for you:

  • The Work™ of Byron Katie, a meditation method of self~inquiry, that brings mental clarity, undoes limiting beliefs and judgements and helps to direct clear action
  • Guided meditation and mindfulness practices for greater peace and presence as inspired by Thich Nhat Hanh, Eckhart Tolle, Mooji
  • Simple, accessible at-home practices in Qi Gong and Mindful Hatha Yoga for self-healing
  • Safe, simple and effective resistance training and functional movement patterns to increase tone, strength, and mobility
  • Holistic nutrition & conscious food guidance as inspired by The Schwarzbein Principle and the Wahl’s Protocol

Highlights from Jen’s experience in health, wellness and personal development »


Customized Holistic Life Coaching packages are available to you from the comfort of your own home, through phone or Skype/Zoom or at our eco-friendly retreat center in southwestern Maine.

In addition, Jen may also be available to travel to your space for a lifestyle wellness immersion for those interested in fast track transformation.

Create your own life coaching package or choose from one of the 4 following options:

Option 1:
Hourly Facilitations by phone, Skype, Zoom or in person:

Logistics, Rates and Policies:

You can conveniently and effectively work with Jen from the comfort of your home or office on the phone or through Skype. Jen offers a free introductory session to determine if this is a beneficial match and the program resonates.
Contact us to set up your free introductory session and discuss possibilities.

Choose your own rate!
Self~assessed sliding scale:
$65-$95+ per hour(in person, phone, Skype or Zoom)

  • One hour sessions include a brief guided meditation and facilitation session.
  • Ninety minute sessions include a check in, guided meditation and facilitation session.
  • It is strongly recommended that you commit to a minimum of 4 weekly consecutive sessions in order to develop your own understanding and practice of this powerful self-inquiry meditation tool; The Work of Byron Katie
  • Pre-payment is required to reserve your appt times.

Reserve your spot now!

Option 2:
3 Day Residential Holistic Life Coaching Immersion in Maine

Retreats provide an opportunity to immerse  into who and what you are without the distractions, responsibilities and content of your life back home. You will be offered one-on-one facilitations and exercises that meet you exactly where you are and guide you back to your True Nature. See how the truth will set you free, by undoing one negative belief at a time.
Mindful Hatha Yoga with Jen Deraspe

  • Private eco-cabin or yurt stay (2 nights)
  • 12 hours of one-on-one facilitation sessions and guided reflective solo exercises.
  • Access to our personal enrichment resource library
  • Daily guided meditation sessions

Fee: $995 – Includes 2 night’s private cabin or yurt retreat and programming. Begins at 2pm on day one and ends at 2pm on day 3. Dates are available year round based on availability. Extend your stay for $95 a night. This holistic life coaching residential immersion is also  available in your space for additional fees.

Reserve your spot now!

Option 3:
7 Day Residential Holistic Life Coaching Immersion in Maine

This extended retreat provides a special opportunity to delve deeply into what has been keeping you from peace, love and freedom that you inherently are. This immersion will guide and hold you gently and intently to what it is that you came here for. Through one-on-one facilitations and customized exercises, you will be given the opportunity to truly experience a release from the chains that weigh you down. See how the truth will set you free,  your truth, by questioning the stories and perceived limitations that keep you captive.
Holistic Life Coaching services can change your perspective

  • Private eco-cabin stay (6 nights)
  • 20 hours of one-on-one facilitation sessions and guided reflective solo exercises over spaced over your 7 day immersion
  • Access to our personal enrichment resource library
  • Daily guided meditation sessions
  • 1 Private wood- fired sauna steam bath appointment
  • Therapeutic Massage Session (1 hour)

Fee: $2195 – Includes 6 night’s private cabin or yurt retreat, 20 hours one on one coaching sessions, private sauna steam bath and one hour therapeutic massage session.
Begins at 2pm on day one and ends at 2pm on day 7. Dates are available year round based on availability. Extend your stay for $95 a night. This holistic life coaching residential immersion is also  available in your space for additional fees.

Reserve your spot now!

Option 4:

7 Month School of You Holistic Life Coaching Program
More information coming soon!

Holistic Life Coaching

I am so very excited about co-creating wellness, transformation and inner peace with those interested in the same! This School provides an opportunity to wake up to your True Nature. You are invited to join me on this journey back Home, to beautiful You.

How to begin:
First, set up an appointment with Jen for a free consultation to discuss the program and your readiness. We will utilize the Chakra System and the Wellness Wheel as our general guide posts.

What is included in your 7 month school:

  • New Year’s Eve Ceremonial Sauna
  • A monthly 3 hour workshop with each chakra as a guide through our spiritual anatomy, meditation practice, Qi gong and The Work of Byron Katie to undo stressful thinking
  • Participate in our annual Day of Mindfulness celebrating spring in Maine
  • Personalized homework and exercises for growth and lifestyle changes
  • Regular feedback and guidance through our online forum
  • Recommended readings, audios and videos list/resources
  • A culminating 3 day Vision Quest on Pleasant Mountain in Denmark, Maine
  • One month follow-up on line availability and support to see you on your way
  • Monthly focus areas:

  • Month 1: Getting Grounded
  • Month 2: Getting Inspired
  • Month 3: Personal Integrity and Personal Power
  • Month 4: Being the Love that You Are
  • Month 5: Speaking your truth; Singing your song
  • Month 6: Open Mind~Open Heart
  • Month 7: Gratitude and Presence
  • Month 8: After care and follow up
  • ~The group has the opportunity for a month of after care through weekly check-ins and support through our on-line forum.

    Satisfaction is guaranteed! If after full participation and completion of the 7 month School of You,  you are unsatisfied with the tools offered and results found, your investment will be returned.


    Reserve your spot now!

    We accept checks and major credit cards via Paypal. Please request your free consultation before pre-paying. Unless otherwise arranged, all sessions, packages and intensives must be pre-paid prior to your first session.Unless paying by check, please add a 3% service charge to your credit card payment.

    Cancellation Policy
    There is a 24 hour cancellation policy for a scheduled facilitation session. If you cancel your appointment within 24 hours or do not keep your appointment, you will be billed for that session. If you are late to an appointment, it will still end at scheduled end time. There is a 25% cancellation fee for any residential coaching immersion cancellations that occur within 30 days of immersion start date. There are no refunds for early departures or late arrivals for residential coaching immersions, workshops, retreats or tele-courses.


    The truth will set you free. Do you want to know the truth?

    The Work of Byron Katie is a simple yet powerful process of self-inquiry that teaches you to identify and question the stressful thoughts that cause all the suffering in your life. The Work is a way to self-understanding and self-awareness, to discovering what’s hurting you and begin to end your stress and suffering. The Work of Byron Katie will bring you to your own truth in the moment, in a situation in your life that has been plaguing you, sometimes for year.

    The Work of Byron Katie to experience your true natureDo any of these thoughts sound familiar?
    “I need to know what to do.”
    “Life isn’t fair.”
    “There’s not enough time.”
    “I know what you need.”
    “There’s too much to do.”
    “S/He rejected me.”
    “There’s something wrong with me.”
    “I am too fat, too old, too sick, too short, too tall, too… too… too…”

    The more we begin to learn about our own mind, the more we discover how we all share the same thoughts and beliefs. We begin to realize that our inner world, our perceptions, judgments and stories are the source of our suffering. Through The Work of Byron Katie, we identify our stressful thoughts,  ask ourselves four questions and see if we can discover how the opposite could just as true if not truer than the original belief. The Work opens the mind to other perspectives, takes us out of victim-consciousness and creates empowerment, clarity and freedom in what once seemed like impossible situations. Honest self-inquiry leaves you the humble student, open to life and living fully, freely and fearlessly.

    “The Buddha compares his teaching to a raft that takes people from the shore of suffering to the shore of freedom. He says that that’s its only purpose. When you reach the other shore, you leave the raft behind. It would be ridiculous to strap it onto your back and carry it around as you walk. It’s the same with spiritual teachings, he says, even the clearest of them…I love how the Buddha undercuts his own words and leaves us with no ground to stand on.

    The Work too is like a raft. The four questions and the turnarounds help you move from confusion to clarity. Eventually, through practice, you no longer impose your thinking onto reality, and you can experience everything as it really is: as pure grace. At that point the questions themselves become unnecessary. They are replaced by a wordless questioning that undoes every stressful thought immediately, as it arises. It’s the mind’s way of meeting itself with understanding. The raft has been left behind. You have become the questions. They’ve become as natural as breathing, so they’re no longer needed.

    When we reach the “other” shore, we realize that we have never left the short we started from. There’s only one shore, and we are already there, though some of us haven’t realized it yet. We think that we need to get from here to there, but there turns out to be here.  It was here all along.

    When you sit in a state of contemplation, seeing what actually exists, excluding everything remembered or anticipated, the Buddha-mind becomes apparent, and you wake up as the unborn. If you really want peace, if you understand that self-inquiry goes beyond life and death, your practice will leave you on the other shore, which turns out not to be the other but the only shore. Thoughts of a different shore were imagination, and when you realize this, you realize that you have always been on the shore  that the Buddha points to. No raft necessary. ”  Byron Katie,  A Mind at Home with Itself


    If you are new to The Work, and interesting in exploring the possibility of working with Jen as your holistic life coach, you are invited to make an appointment for a free phone facilitation at:


    Certified Facilitator of The Work of Byron Katie, Jen DeraspeIn 2009, Jen was licensed as a Certified Facilitator of The Work of Byron Katie, having completed an 800 hour/2 year immersion into this transformative process through the Institute for The Work™. Jen is a student to life and is discovering how it truly is a friendly universe. She welcomes those open to discovering the same. She has been actively sharing The Work™ since 2006 and uses it consistently as a tool for mental freedom and peace.

    I’m available by phone, in person, or to come to your home, office, church, to work with small or large circles. Contact me for group rates and possibilities to experience a customized workshop, holistic coaching immersion or retreat in your space or ours, incorporating mindfulness, meditation, yoga, time in nature and The Work™ of Byron Katie as a direct, simple, profound and powerful means to experience more peace, fearlessness, and freedom in your life and in all your relationships.