Spacious surprises

We found our way north up the coast in North Carolina. Molly has never been to the ocean before that I know of. But you never know with a cat like Molls. She gets around.

We were seeking big space, sky, light, relief, a break from the lessons found in the preserved Kingsley Plantation where we spent the ...

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Polarity or Unity?


I am getting a humbling education. As I study the underground railroad and the happenings in our rather recent history, I witness how fear and greed can bring the human to some pretty far out dehumanizing choices.

The events I learn about are disturbing. And without turning away from suffering, I am committed to learning without shutting down.  Keeping my ...

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responsible reporting


I feel (re)committed to my journey on the freedom trail. Truth Telling Sojourn. I want to see what else there is for me to learn and wake up to.

I wanted lunch in Asheville, NC.  Heard it was a cool place. It is. Sat outside with Molly taking in the scene over organic coffee and a much coveted sandwich. She’s ...

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facing fear for freedom

IMG_0414I left DC before sunrise, extracting myself from the comfort of my dear friend’s home  and into another level of the unknown. I had a route to the Blue Ridge mountains; a day long adventure in  Shenandoah National Park, which literally is a mountain top driving route traversing due south up, down  and around the highest elevations of Virginia. ...

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Practicing freedom

I am grateful for this opportunity to be moved by inspiration, for being more spacious about my movements and for the opportunity to listen and be led as a practice. I am addicted to planning and the thoughts about the future. With all my available will and marrow, I am jumping off the planning treadmill and being in the day, only~ the~ day~ I am in. Believe me you, that is plenty!

I join old, good friends that feel like family ...

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Secrets of War

On day two, my journey brought me deep into Pennsylvania where

quakers toIMG_0345ok a stand in saying no to slavery. PA was the second state to make slavery illegal, the first being Vermont.

I found the A.M.E. Zion Church, home of the “Slave Refugee Society,” established in 1840 as “a means to help those who sought freedom from the ‘tyrannical yoke of oppression.'” St. Paul’s ...

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Truth Telling Sojourn


My cat and I just began a sojourn into the deep south; following the Appalachian trail and Underground Railroad routes to a land I have never traveled.

I contemplate the endurance and courage it took to be a runaway slave in this country at a time when humans were legally owned, exploited and traded like property.

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Leave everything you know behind…

Lay yourself on the slab of openness
and wait for the knife of my beauty
to gash you so deep with the Beloved’s radiance
that you can never recover.

In this high place
it is as simple as this,
leave everything you know behind.
Step toward the cold surface,
say the old prayer of rough love
and open both arms.
Those who come with empty hands
will stare into ...

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Even squirrels get still…

I don’t know why I was so stunned to see a very large gray squirrel out of my Los Angeles studio apartment window. It was such a mystery to me how that happened. I only had TV news images of the LA riots or OJ Simpson evading police on the freeway in his white blazer and glove. The story of urban life to me must have been of no life at all except human. I have been mistaken.

I went for ...

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Who Am I?

I am Jen, female, 46.7 years old, white. I am a partner, sister, daughter, aunt, God mother, niece, cousin. I am an ex. I am the last of nine children. I am a friend, community member, teacher, guide, facilitator, retreat leader, business owner. I am one who dabbles in writing. I am Lithuanian and French. I am an environmental leader, a ...

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