Alternative Facts reveal new revolution

Alternative facts to what I thought I knew…I wanted the Women’s March on Washington to be  instead called “March for Change” or a “March for Human Rights.” I did not want anyone to feel excluded, especially women and men  of color, in a rally for peace, justice and civil disobedience.

So many have been marginalized since the birth of this nation and our new leader is magnifying this so much that I feared it was happening again, even in a rally in 2017.

Perhaps because the march was created by and for women, it truly was a march for change and human rights for all. Women think in circles and work in circles. Women create webs and networks of community. That was my experience of the march…a human march for peace, equality and justice for all. Amen.

Alternative facts continued. All women would love to attend this March, of course, I thought. Well, no, not really at all. I became aware that many women of color who voiced their upset towards white women (privileged) now (only now) getting fired up because of being on the receiving end of blatant sexism from the highest office in the land. The question is posed, where were the white liberal women for the rallies against racial profiling, police brutality and court system injustices leading to #blacklivesmatter movement ? It seems we have missed our sisters and brothers of color. Who else are we missing?

If anyone experiences injustice and any kind of “ism”~so do we all. If one suffers oppression, we all do. It is not enough for me to be ok and turn away from others in need.


“Injustice anyway is a threat to justice everywhere.”  MLK 

I am humbly grateful to have had the opportunity to march in alliance with  a very diverse representation of our country’s citizens in spite of our lack of awareness and support.  The leadership and the center stage presenters at the Women’s March on Washington did an amazing and inspiring job speaking on behalf of all marginalized communities.

Alternative facts: Ignoring the past makes it go away.

Basic steps in conflict resolution (peace):
Step 1: Acknowledge when, where and how you were unkind, inappropriate, unjust towards an individual or group.
Step 2: Apologize sincerely.
Step 3: Listen deeply to the other if he/she/they have emotions and experiences that came out of that unkindness that need to be voiced.
Step 4: Ask if there is anything you can do to make it right.

Ok, I know this may be a lot to ask for some as it would take a level of maturity, humility & reflection, but GEEZ…we gotta work some shit out here!


Alternative facts: If the government funds a museum or a boulevard honoring MLK, we have done our job towards reparations and conflict resolution with the African American community. Lets move on, right? Yes, its a step in the right direction and it does not actually follow the above mentioned steps in conflict resolution. It side steps the ownership of the injustices in acknowledging slavery, lack of civil rights, institutional racism, and skips the amends process totally. Until we require our government and her citizens  to acknowledge its wrongdoings, apologize, listen deeply and make it right, healing, trust and unity will be significantly impaired and delayed.
alternative facts


My experience at the Women’s March on Day 1 of the Trump administration was a life changer. I feel very confident that a revolution has begun and we the people are joining hands, linking arms,  and opening our minds and our hearts to our brothers and sisters on this walk together. I feel very confident that no one will be left behind. I give a collective apology for missing the opportunities to step up in action in solidarity for those who have been hurt, forgotten, turned away from. I am here now. And many, many others are with me. I know it.  Period. Truth.

alternative facts

alternative facts

alternative facts alternative factsalternative facts

Understanding takes education and an open mind. Understanding leads to compassion. Compassion leads to unity. Unity leads to positive change, consciousness raising, justice and equality for all.

Please watch Netflix’s 13th and Frontline’s mini-series Divided States of America  to open the mind to how we got where are are today.

Thank you for joining me here. 


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