All One

Have you ever had the sneaky suspicion that there is no actual separation between us or any thing? “All is One” is a teaching offered by all the masters it seems. Even Dr. Bronner is on board!

“All is One” is only a spiritual concept until it is experienced. The conceptual and the experienced are world’s apart.

At the end of Savasana one time, I experienced a wave of boundary-free existence. I felt like there was no separation from the people in yoga class, the floor, the walls, the fire crackling in the wood stove, the sky, the bird in the tree outside the window. Peace accompanied this feeling. It even felt like security, like a deep sigh in resting in the universal sacred truth; all is One.




Another time, I was floating in the Caribbean Sea watching the sea grasses, the coral reef teaming with life, the schools of tropical fish beneath me. All of us were moving back and forth, rhythmically with the surf, the breath of the planet, like a deep inhale and exhale. The support and connection felt timeless, infinite, right.

Life eternal is also a concept until experienced. A super intelligent human being discovered that matter, form, cannot be created nor destroyed~whoa. Think about that for a moment. If Einstein is right, no loved one really leaves!

img_03441My mom died a couple years ago. I wonder about that idea, “she died.” Did she really? Sometimes I have felt her gentle caress in the wind as it passes over me.

After her transition, I was on the land doing projects and a tree caught my eye in the early morning light. It was covered in rain drops, suspended globes of water balls. The sunlight bounced off the tree and illuminated thousands of circular rainbows. I had never seen such a remarkable site! A knowing passed over me that it was mom saying hello.

If everything is energy, and she was more than her body, it was reasonable to me that this energy in the forms I named tree, water, sunlight, were actually her. It felt palpable that she was there with me on the hillside, showing me her light, the light of all that is.

The practice of breathing consciously, experiencing the sound and feel of breath happening, like a gifted mantra, helps me to lose my mind and drop into my senses. It’s a beginning in experiencing the gap between the thought stream blocking my connection to the Oneness. In this space between thoughts is where the eternal has been experienced. No wonder the yogi’s bring us to breath again and again.

I can only take one conscious breath at a time. The breath happening now is the only one and that is enough for me. The rest is future, imagination, story. I experienced what felt like Oneness in the gaps between thoughts, in the being~ness, the Is~ness that is always available now.

As the changing seasons point to the passing of time, I come back to the breath, here and now, to see about experiencing the sacred truth, All is One, the eternal, with the coming and going of breath, seasons, life. Its a practice.


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